CUSTARD Cavalry Squadron

CUSTARD's tank strength lies in its cavalry forces which are organized in independent squadrons. A typical cavalry squadron has an HQ troop, two tank troops, two cavalry recce troops and a support troop on strength.

HQ Troop - Usually the HQ troop is made up of two command vehicles (M3 Halftracks), an armoured vehicle for the Squadron commander (Ferret or Humber scout car), a SPAA section (M16/23) and a HQ and admin section.

Tank troop - Two tank sections with two tanks each and the troop commander's tank make up a typical tank troop; the mainstay of CUSTARD's cavalry forces are the Centurion tanks, though older Sherman tanks are in use as well. Rumour has it that recently CUSTARD managed to acquire a small number of even more modern vehicles to counter the threat posed by Libyan T-72 tanks.

Cavalry recce troop - Cavalry scouts are considered to be among the best infantrymen CUSTARD has; they operate in sections of five men (1 NCO, 1 AT team, 1 LMG team) carried in an armoured APC (Sherman conversion); three sections make up a troop

Support troop - An integral part of every cavalry squadron is the support troop containing two sections of armoured engineers riding in armoured APCs (Sherman conversion) and a section of SP mortars (M3 halftrack).



CUSTARD Infantry Company

The basic building block of CUSTARD infantry units is the infantry company, usually made up of five platoons - an HQ platoon, 3 infantry platoons and a support platoon. 

HQ platoon - Usually the HQ platoon has a SPAA section (Truck), a couple of radio/office trucks and an armoured command vehicle for the company commander on strength. Sometimes recce elements made up mainly of WW2-vintage Humber armoured cars are detached to infantry HQ platoons.

Infantry platoon - Three infantry squads (1 NCO, 2 rifle teams, 1 LMG team, 1 AT team) and a platoon HQ including a spotter and a sniper make up a standard infantry platoon.

Support platoon - A standard support platoon consists of a HMG section (1 NCO, 3 Vickers HMG), a mortar section (1 NCO, 2 81mm mortar) and an AT section (1 NCO, 3 73mm RR gun). Both infantry and support platoons can be moved around in trucks, though these don't organically belong to an infantry company.


CUSTARD SF Recce Group

Taking the LRDG as a model, CUSTARD command has established a small core of elite recce units tasked with deep-strike missions. Small, highly mobile and with a lot of firepower, these independent units are the cutting edge of CUSTARD's armed forces.