CalaMiti - Introduction

Abdülhamid ibn Ab Crülhamid aka Abdülhamid the irresistible, also called (by his enemies) Abdülhamid the lecherous, Abdülhamid the voluptuous, Abdülhamid the impertinent, fat Abby, or just Oh no, this weird guy again, is a warlord from the arid western plains of Soeliland and among the more colourful players in Soelilandian politics.

He is the leader of the semi nomadic descendants of those Arabs who took over most of the country during the Islamic conquest and claims to be a direct descendant of Ali Anbaba, a friend of the grand cousin of the prophet, who is said to have brought the true faith to Soeliland. The town of Anbaba is named after him and is regarded as a place of worship by all Arabs living in the country.

Of course - according to his own statements - Abdülhamid is the only one with any true and just claim to the throne of Soeliland; the unfortunate little fact that there is no such throne does not seem to impede his ambitions in any way. But as the influence of the infidels - ie everybody else - is considered to be  too strong at the moment, he has entered a loose alliance with the PLAoSS; both sides eye each other with suspicion, however, not the least so because General Mahmut obviously does not regard anyone as his equal ("in our chain of command, below me is - me; and below that - me again"). Abdülhamid also enjoys support of the Libyan AAF, and in fact the bond with the Libyans is stronger and characterized by mutual trust.

Abdülhamid has secured the support of several clans and formed the "Caliphat's armed Militia", or CalaMiti for short. Even so, the number of his followers is relatively modest and can vary considerably, so that the total strength of his forces in always uncertain. CalaMiti has no armoured vehicles and only a few trucks and technicals. But these usually resemble the most valuable possession of the clan chiefs, who are understandably rather reluctant to put them into harms way. Camels are used for transport and some of his men even fight mounted. They are mostly armed with weapons of soviet origin and somehow acquired a number of recoilless rifles. Their bravery makes more than up for their lack of military training and heavy weapons.


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